Murder, Mutiny and the Muglins

A true 18th century story about an extraordinary man, Captain George Glass, and his very brave wife, Catherine

What To Expect ?

Based on a true story

A true 18th-century story about an extraordinary man, Captain George Glass, and his brave wife


A sensational saga of piracy, mutiny, and murder - and the Muglins

Hardback Production

This high quality bound hardback book is printed on 90gm Munken stock, using an easy-to-read 11.5pt New Baskerville font

About the Author

Des Burke-Kennedy, BBS MA, studied Business, Russian, and Philosophy at Trinity College Dublin. With a strong interest in local history, he lives in Dalkey, and his home overlooks the Muglin’s Rock.

About The Book

The family background, how George became a Privateer, prison experiences and heading home for Christmas.

The savage mutiny, fleeing desperately with treasure, escape to Ireland and the final seaside gibbet.

Even today, scholars differ as they attempt to unravel the Port Hillsborough riddle.

Did the novelist Robert Louis Stevenson spot a golden opportunity ?

Returning to historic Dublin Bay and the heritage Town of Dalkey reminds us of that final short voyage to the Muglins.

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Murder, Mutiny and the Muglins

A True 18th Century Saga Off Ireland’s Coast

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